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We are group of experience developers to provide the best technology solutions with affordable cost to drive life better.

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We provide website, application, software and hardware solution services. We also provide IT consultation service for any IT problem.

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We provide both template and customize solution services with affordable cost. Let's have a consultation. It's free.

Welcome to eOrange!

eOrange – We provide the best technology solutions with affordable cost which help to solve human need.

We are formed by a group of developers in Hong Kong. We provide both templates and customized website, application, software and hardware solutions.

We aim at delivering solutions in affordable cost for you to start your idea and we are open to long-term relationship with client. Let’s have a consultation. It’s free.

Our Experience

Your team help me to set up the basketball competition site which really make our dream come true. Now, we can organize competitions with different teams in HK.
Enson Bao
regular client
The application your had provided to us help our students to handle their work on the app which save their time and make stronger connection between us.
Annie Lee
regular partner
Thanks team for developing the application for elderly which help them to have training in Covid19 with distance medicine. The admin system is very user-friendly.
Flora Wong
regular Partner